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Copywriting Services

What exactly is copywriting? Some consider it to be the ‘secret code’ that will excite and convince the reader of your advertisement or web page to act or purchase your product. To be honest, it is close to being a secret code because unless the words of your copy, that is any written material you use to attract your customers or clientele, is really effective you could be selling £50 notes for £5 and you would find it difficult to make a sale.

The 'Secret Code'

Blue Carrot PC Services offer you special access to the ‘secret code’ of the copywriter. We regularly create effective advertising and web copy. Whether it is a small Ad in the local newspaper, yellow pages, Ad papers or website copy we can help you to be far more effective than the usual ‘run of the mill’ copy that is so commonly produced.

Key factors that determine how effective your copy will be are: whether you can keep the reader's attention long enough to make them want read the rest of your copy. How much passion and excitement you can generate in the reader about your product or service. Then, pushing all the readers ‘Hot Buttons’ to get the desired action, whatever it may be, whether to purchase your product, call for an appointment or some other action.

Effective copywriting does not come about by chance but follows effective rules. It makes the difference as to whether your product or service is purchased or left on the shelf. You'll recognise the phrase, ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin’, lines of copy like this can be amazingly productive and with our assistance yours can be too.

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