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PC Services

Blue Carrot PC Services offer a range of business support services to assist businesses with the smooth running of their operation. Computers need servicing and maintenance and are prone to problems that take up valuable time. We can assist to maintain your PC's operational performance.

Don't Wait For The 'Crash'

Every business is extremely busy and routine maintenance of PCs and regular backups are often forgotten or put off. Then the inevitable happens! Don’t let this happen to you. It pays dividends to have your PC regularly serviced, both in and out, and to make sure you back up your data at least weekly; more often if you use your PC for most of your business tasks. PCs get cluttered up and need regularly ‘decluttering’ and tuning to maintain their speed and effectiveness. The PC should also be checked for dust clogging inside the PC as overheating is a regular contributor to the demise of many a PC.

We specialise in IT support for the smaller businesses that have few PC and little time to either maintain or tune their PCs. We also offer flexible working with some evening and early morning appointments available to accommodate most business schedules.

If you’ve left it too late and all your valuable data is ‘locked’ away inside a dead PC then check out the Ontrack Data Recovery Service. Blue Carrot PC Services is an Authorised Partner of Industry leading Ontrack. Just click the button below to access this World Leading Data Recovery team. They can help you.


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